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What is Pet Sitting, and What Does a Pet Sitter Do?

“Pet sitting” is defined as “the act of caring for a pet in its own home while the owner is away.” Caring for pets in our clients’ homes is what separates pet sitters from boarders or doggie daycares.

Pet owners often use pet sitters when they go on a vacation, travel for business, work long hours or when they are too sick or injured to care for their pet(s).

What are the advantages of pet sitting (over other pet-care options)?

• Pets are happier and experience less stress at home in their familiar environment.

• Diet and exercise routines are uninterrupted.

• Travel trauma for both owner and pet is eliminated.

• Pet’s exposure to illness is minimized.

There are 3 Types of Pet Sitting:

1. Daytime Visits

Daytime visits and walks involve a pet sitter coming to our clients’ homes multiple times per day to feed, refresh water, provide potty breaks, clean litter boxes, play, cuddle, and walk their pets. Adventure Tails also brings in the mail, newspapers, packages, water plants as requested, and even turn on lights as requested to give your house that “lived-in look”.

How Many Daytime Visits Do I Need?

  1. Cats require less care and attention, and therefore, a visit once per day is recommended.

  2. Proper care for a dog while a pet owner is away is important, and that is why we require a 3 visit minimum for dogs. We ensure there are no more than 12 hours between our night visit and morning visit. Dogs are social animals who need human interaction, as well as a chance to relieve themselves and eat and drink multiple times per day.

2. Overnight Pet Sitting

A dedicated pet sitter will stay over in our clients’ home with their pets. They will stay a minimum of 12 hours from 8:00pm to 8:00am. Many of our pet sitters stay longer, and there is no extra cost to our clients.

3. Live-in Pet Sitting

A dedicated pet sitter will stay over in our client’s home around the clock, 24 hours per day. This service is great for pets with special needs, who experience separation anxiety, or are very social creatures and thrive on constant companionship. 

Regardless of which option a pet owner chooses, they will have the peace of mind that their furry friends will be well taken care of by a professional.  Our pet sitters are insured and bonded, as well as pet first aid trained. We provide companionship, play time, cuddles, a walk, and of course take care of their core needs for food, water, and potty breaks.  Your pets will also rest easy knowing there is a caring companion in their home to take care of them.

Meet Your Pet Sitter Before You Go

Part of the pet sitting process is meeting with your pet sitter before you go away.  This will help to ensure the sitter knows where items pertaining to care are kept, what precautions need to be followed in the home, and that they are a good match for your pet. Gathering instructions with specific responsibilities and emergency contact information will also ensure the pet sitter can reach someone in case something happens. 

Adventure Tails provides all three types of pet sitting options in and around Peterborough. Contact us today for a quote and to book your free meet and greet!  We can’t wait to meet you and your pets, and provide you with peace of mind the next time you need to be away from your pet(s).

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