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When you're going out of town for work or pleasure, you can count on Adventure Tails to care for your kitty.  We offer drop-in visits of 15 or 30 minutes 7 days a week.  


Our caregivers will visit your home up to 3 times per day to take care of your furry feline.  We will also bring in your mail, take out the garbage, and water a few indoor plants at no extra charge.


Our 15 minute cat sits include:

  • Cleaning food and water bowls

  • Feeding dry and wet cat food

  • Replenishing the water bowl

  • Scooping litter boxes

  • Administering medication upon request*

  • Giving treats upon request

  • Bringing in your mail

  • A daily, personalized digital journal including pictures of your kitty, an update, GPS tracking and check-in and check-out times.

Our 30 minute cat sits include all of the above plus one-on-one care and attention, as well as small household chores while you're away:

  • Playtime with your cat's favourite toys

  • Cuddles and affection (if they like that)

  • Watering plants

  • Taking out the garbage/recycling

*  Medication that goes in food or water, along with topical ointments are free of charge.  All other medication administration is charged at $5 per visit.

Cat sits must be scheduled daily for your feline friend's safety.  While cats are typically self-sufficient enough to go more than a day without a pet care professional, emergencies and health issues are very time sensitive.  If your cat gets into a problem and we aren’t scheduled to be there for 48 hours, we aren't able to help.

    15 minutes- $18              30 minutes- $24

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