A Message from Our Pack Leader

Thank you for considering our services for your furry family member.  Caring for your pets is something I don't take lightly.  I understand the level of trust you place with your pet care provider, and safety and security is our number one priority.

I'm dedicated to providing my clients with peace of mind pet care. Safe, trustworthy, personalized care so you can go about your busy day, or travel worry-free and guilt-free knowing your pet is in dependable and loving hands.


I want to assure you that I personally carefully select our pet care professionals for their passion and compassion for pets.  Every member of our team has been police checked and reference checked.  We are all bonded and insured through Binks.

We can't wait to take your dog on their next adventure, and become your cat's new playmate!  Your pets are sure to meet their new best friend at Adventure Tails, and look forward to the next time they see our caring pet professionals!





Laurie is the founder of Adventure Tails Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Services.  Growing up Laurie was always surrounded by pets.  From dogs to birds, to rabbits, she’s always had a special bond with animals. 


Her love of dogs started at an early age when her parents brought home their first family dog, a Miniature Schnauzer, Heidi.  Since then she’s been a volunteer dog walker at a humane society in Melbourne, Australia, and has fostered rescue dogs for 5 years with both the Boston Terrier and Lab Rescue of Ontario. 

Spring 2018 saw Laurie moving her family to Peterborough.  Getting back to nature and discovering the wonderful trail system Peterborough offers, is what lead to the basis of her business.  She believed if her family was getting enjoyment from exploring the trails, imagine how happy Peterborough’s dogs would be from being immersed in the sights, sounds and smells abounding in nature.  Adventure is at the heart of her nature, and she can’t wait to share in an adventure with your furry best friend!



The most important thing to know about Meaghan is that she is an avid animal lover!  She's very passionate about caring for fur babies, whether they are hers or her client's. 

Meaghan is a Trent University grad, working in Geochemistry, and loves animals so much she became a dog walker/pet sitter as her second job!


Meaghan grew up around all sorts of pets including dogs, cats and horses. She is the proud owner of two cats, Josie (4 years) and Theodore (4 months), who she adores with her whole heart. She also frequently pet-sits and walks her sister's Australian Shepherd.  

In her spare time Meaghan enjoys being active. She works out and is currently working towards becoming a registered yoga instructor.  She also loves getting outside into nature for some hiking!



Lina loves nothing more than working with animals. She's had cats and dogs her whole life, and originally got into animal care through volunteering at humane societies while working in customer service. She eventually moved to full time at a doggy daycare, where she learned a lot more about dog behaviour and care.


She's currently enrolled in the psychology program at Trent, where she hopes to eventually focus on animal behaviour. Her favourite thing to do is go camping and hiking with her border collie Kiva.



Angie is a recently retired employee of Fleming College after 35 years.  She is now an empty nester living with her husband, and fur babies Glenn and Emma.  


Her passion has always been animals, growing up in a home that had pets of many kinds.  Now that she is retired, she has the opportunity to live out her passion by spending her free time walking and caring for dogs and cats of all sizes, while
supporting her love of all animals with local charitable organizations in our community!



Riley loves animals with all her heart.  She has a special connection with pets, and it shows.  Dogs love Riley, and her face lights up when she is with the pets in her care.  


Riley grew up in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.   Being so far from home and away from her pets, she is especially grateful to be able to love on her client's pets.


Riley is currently attending Trent University studying environmental science.  She the hopes to someday make a difference for the wildlife of Canada and around the world. 


In her spare time, Riley loves to go for walks and enjoy nature as much as she can. She is also a member of the Trent Varsity Women's Soccer team.  With all her extra energy, Riley especially loves taking pets in her care out on high energy adventures! 




Grace is a lover of all animals, and the proud pet parent of a Great Pyrenees fluff ball named Bunsen.


She loves spending time outdoors, and is especially excited to have the opportunity to go on adventures Peterborough's bff's (best furry friends).  Grace is also an avid runner and is a dog jogger at Adventure Tails.


Grace has a background in biology and wildlife ecology, and
recently completed my Master's degree in Cultural Studies.  She is starting her PhD in September, and has a particular interest in bees.


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