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In-Your-Home Pet Sitting vs. Boarding in Peterborough: What's Best?

Whether planning a weekend away or an extended vacation/business trip, what to do with Fido or Fluffy is always a pain point to overcome before you can start to get truly excited and think about relaxing on your vacation.

Who will you turn to for your pet’s care? Will they be happy? Will they miss you and your family? What if they think you’re never coming back? Finding a facility or pet sitter you trust can be the difference between a relaxing weekend, and one filled with worry.

When we think of overnight care for our furry friends we often think of a kennel. However, pet sitting is a lesser known option with wonderful benefits for your pet. We break down the differences between the two and compare them.

Dog Boarding (Kennel, Vet’s Office, Overnight at a Doggy Daycare)

Boarding Advantages

  • Offers socialization opportunity for your pet

  • Large outdoor spaces to run freely

  • High energy- your dog will definitely sleep well at nap time and bedtime

  • Constant supervision

  • Lower per night cost due to high volume of pets

Boarding Disadvantages

  • Most have specific times of day for pickup and drop offs. You must drop off/pick up in the kennel’s window or be charged

  • May aggravate anxiety in introverted dogs/cats

  • Your dog may pick up bad manners from other dogs. It’s not easy to reinforce training in a group situation

  • Anxiety of an unfamiliar environment

  • Routines are set by the kennel (ex. feeding, play time, sleep times)

  • It’s an extra trip at the end of your vacation to pick up your pet

In Your Home Pet Sitting

Pet Sitting Advantages

  • The sights, smells, sounds of your home are familiar and comforting to your pet

  • Sleeping in their favourite places around your home and in their own bed is comforting to your pet

  • Personalized care and individual 1:1 attention and companionship

  • No specific drop offs and pick ups- you choose your own schedule according to your travel plans

  • Pets can maintain their routine reducing stress and anxiety

  • Your home offers a quiet place for rest and relaxation

  • Your dog will still get to go out for walks and get the physical and mental stimulation they need

  • Updates- e-journals are sent after each pet sit containing pictures and an update on how things are going. Communication between you and your pet sitter is constant and welcome.

  • Bonded and insured pet care professionals

  • Security and maintenance of your house- Pet sitters serve double-duty as pet care providers as well as security for your home. At Adventure Tails we bring in the mail/newspapers, rotating lights/blinds if requested, and giving the house that lived in look to deter crime. Pet sitters also water your plants, and will even take out the garbage if requested.

Pet Sitting Disadvantages

  • Less opportunity for socialization

  • Constant supervision is not provided

  • More opportunity for an anxious dog to be destructive

  • A higher cost

Boarding is a Great Option for those who...

  • Have a high-energy dog who needs more daily exercise than they can get from walking

  • Have a highly social dog who thrives in the presence of other dogs

  • Have a dog with separation anxiety who can’t be left home alone

  • Have a dog who is easily bored or destructive and requires a lot of stimulation

  • Who don’t feel comfortable having someone stay over in their house

  • Don’t want to give out a copy of your keys

  • Have time to drop off and pick up their dog from the boarding facility

An In-Your-Home Pet Sitter is a Great Option for Those Who…

  • Have a pet who is easily over-stimulated

  • Have a pet who prefers to stay home

  • Have a pet who doesn’t always get along with other dogs

  • Have a pet who needs a set routine

  • Have a pet who could benefit from practicing their training during the day

  • Have a dog who has any kind of special needs that can’t be met in a boarding atmosphere

  • Have a pet that isn’t fully vaccinated and wouldn’t be accepted at a boarding facility

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