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From Near Death to New Beginnings…The Story of Bear (and Karen)

My intention for my blogs was to spotlight a local Peterborough business every other month.  The first business I was intending to showcase was K9 in Motion Wellness, run by local business owner Karen Kearney.  I will be featuring K9 in Motion in a future blog post, however, the story that revealed itself, and what touched me most when I went to see Karen at her store, is the story of Bear, Karen’s newly adopted German Shepherd.

Bear has been all over social media, and is quite a famous dog in the local community.  His is a sad news, turned good news story.  The kind of story we can all empathize with, one that lifts up your spirit, and restores your faith in humanity.

Sadly Bear was raised in a neglectful home, one of abuse and starvation.  He was barely showing signs of life when he was rescued.  He was also ridden with Parvovirus, a very serious, even deadly disease.  His previous owner decided he was too “stupid” to care about, and he left him to die.

Thankfully though, his former owner handed him over to the rescue, and Bear’s fight for his life began.  After several treatments for the Parvovirus, he slowly began to show signs of life, even a glimmer in his eye.  This boy was a fighter!  Karen proudly proclaimed to me that testing had come back, and he was finally clear of the Parvovirus!

Karen knew she had to adopt Bear.  As soon as she caught wind of Bear’s story, she knew she was meant to be his new “mom”.  Bear is one lucky boy, because Karen is a healer, and the basis of Karen’s business is healing.  Bear is receiving daily canine massages, chiropractic care from Dr. Rachel Bentley, and is also on supplements to heal him from the inside out.  Bear will also be starting hydrotherapy soon at K9 in Motion.

When I went to see Karen, I had the pleasure of meeting Bear.  Gone are the signs of any neglect or sadness.  What I saw was a beautiful, happy puppy, with exuberance for life.  He is one lucky boy.  It all could have ended in tragedy, but because of Karen and some wonderful caring rescuers, this boy has had a shot at life, and will be loved and cared for, for the rest of his days.

Bear’s medical issues are still not over.  He is almost blind in one eye.  Karen is taking Bear to an eye specialist in October, but this appointment is very expensive.  Karen has started a Go Fund Me campaign to cover the cost of his treatment.  If you can help with a donation, please click on the following link:

You can meet Karen and Bear at K9 in Motion, which is located on the lower level of Peterborough Square.

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