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5 Things I Learned About Sherbrooke Heights Animal Hospital

Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting with Jen , the hospital manager at Sherbrooke Heights Animal Hospital.  Sherbrooke Heights is an incredible vet hospital.  They have won the Peterborough Examiner Readers’ Choice Award three years running, and Dr. Kristy Hiltz, founder of the practice, has also been named Peterborough’s favourite veterinarian!  It’s easy to see why to see why this vet practice is so popular with pet owners in Peterborough.  Here are five things I learned while visiting the practice that make Sherbrooke Heights a standout vet clinic:

  1.  They are a low stress clinic

Staff at the clinic are uber focused on ensuring pets who enter their clinic are extremely comfortable and stress is kept to a minimum.  Each examination room is equipped with calming pheromones, as well as iCalm a soothing music box tuned to a cat or dog’s ear frequency.  Blankets are also sprayed with the calming pheromones.

2.  Pet parents are encouraged to stay at the clinic with their pets before and after procedures.

When a dog or cat is undergoing a procedure, who better to calm and reassure them then their own “mom” or “dad”.  I experienced the comfort of staying with my dog while he was on an IV, unfortunately at the end of his life.  It made all the difference that I was able to rub his head, comfort him, and keep him warm under a blanket.

3.  Wellness plans

When it comes to your pet’s annual checkups, vaccines, heart worm, etc., do you break out in a sweat when the bill comes?  Sweat no longer when you sign up for an animal wellness plan.  There are plans for puppies, kittens, and adults.  Essentially several services, including vaccines, fecal screening, urine sample, heartworm, flea/tick preventative, ear cleanings, nail trims, and many more are included for an annual fee.  The best part though is there is a monthly payment plan, so there’s no more sticker shock once a year.  Great idea!!!

4.  Separate cat area

Many cats live inside a home their whole lives, and aren’t exposed to dogs, birds, and even other cats.  Being in the same room as a big dog for instance can be stressful to a cat.  Solution?  A separate entrance and waiting room just for cat patients.  Sherbrooke Heights Animal Hospital even went above and beyond to become certified as a Cat Friendly Practice by the American Association of Feline Practitioners.  Now that’s dedication to providing a comfortable, stress-free environment for Peterborough’s cats!

5.  They are extremely generous and give back to the community

Sherbrooke Heights Animal Hospital gives back in so many ways.  Here are several charities they support:

  1. Provide spay & neutering for the Peterborough Humane Society

  2. Make donations to the Farley Foundation, a charity that makes it possible for underprivileged pet owners to receive vet care for their pets

  3. Participate in Bras Around the Building in support of breast cancer research

  4. Do $10 nail trims, with all the proceeds going to a different charity each month.  Dr. Kristy Hiltz even matches the donations!!

Go and see the wonderful vets and support staff at Sherbrooke Heights Animal Hospital.  Even if you are already loyal to a particular vet, go in for a $10 nail trim, and support local charities today!!

Sherbrooke Heights Animal Hospital is located at 1625 Sherbrooke Street Unit 3, which is just east of Brealey Drive, in Peterborough. 

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