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Household Holiday Decor Hazardous to Pets

Shining decorations, bright lights and sweet treats—these are the hallmarks of the holiday season, but can also pose hazards for pets.  Over the next few blog posts I’ll uncover what seemingly innocent holiday items could be dangerous.  In this post I cover the top 5 decorating hazards for our pets.

Top 5 Decorating Hazards

  1. Poisonous Pine Tree Water

Will you have a live Christmas tree?  Pine tree water can be poisonous, so it is best to use an enclosed tree stand. If that is not possible, be sure to cover open tree stand bases.

  1. Pretty but Poisonous Plants

Holiday plants that are poisonous to pets include the berries of the mistletoe, holly, hibiscus, Christmas roses and the poinsettia. Keep them out of pets’ reach.

  1. Decorations, Lights and Cords…Oh My!

Ingesting—or even simply coming in contact with—ornaments and hooks, twinkling lights and electrical wiring can pose significant danger to pets. When no one will be around to supervise, unplug lights and any electrical decorations a pet has access to. Cover or tack down electrical cords.

  1. Play Keep Away

To avoid pets being burned or causing a fire hazard, keep them away from any room containing a lit Hanukkah menorah or holiday candle.

  1. No Tippy Trees

Secure the tree to the wall with strong wire or twine, so it won’t topple and cause serious injuries to pets.

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