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Forest Run

Giving your active dog the exercise they deserve can be challenging

40% off an intro 5-pack for 72 Hours Only!

Fulfilling their exercise needs doesn't have to be. 

We're excited to introduce


Expires 11:59pm Thursday March 25th, 2021

For the pet parent who wants nothing more than their active furry friend to live their best life,

but doesn't always have time in their day to do it. 


It's Ok.  We're here to help.

Are you ready to give your furry friend their best life?

What would it feel like to:

  • Give your energetic dog the chance to run freely, wildly, and exuberantly?

  • Take care of your dog's every need for physical wellbeing, enrichment, and interaction with new people

  • To know you're giving your furry family member every opportunity to live their best life

  • Maintain a consistent, predictable routine for your furry friend

  • Tackle your workday at home peacefully without interruption from your active dog with pent up energy.

  • Not have to look at those sad eyes staring at you giving you the guilt trip that you haven't taken them out?

Working from Home

It's ALL possible with our Dog Jogs services.  We'll show you how!

Adventure Tails Vida2.jpg
I am very impressed with the high quality service provided by Adventure Tails. Laurie and her staff are friendly, communicative, reliable and trustworthy. They go the extra mile by sending me a detailed summary of each particular walk using words, photos, and even a GPS screenshot of the route traveled. It is added touches like this that set them apart from similar companies. If you are looking for a professional dog walking service that ensures you always come home to a happy, tired out dog, I highly recommend Adventure Tails!

Here's why I do this work.

Dog walker Peterborough

Hi!  I'm Laurie Pezzack, owner and pack leader at Adventure Tails.  I decided to introduce dog jogs when I realized so many of Peterborough's pet parents were struggling with their COVID reality. 


Working from home many pet parents thought they would have extra time to take their active dog out for enrichment and exercise, but found their reality was much different. 


Juggling work, kids at home, online learning, and so many other distractions suddenly left furry friends everywhere at the bottom of the to-do list again.  Not to mention the lack of routine and structure, along with added noise, and rising tensions in the house were creating an anxious dog.  

Active dogs need regular consistent exercise for optimal physical and mental health.  They're happiest when they've been able to expend their energy in a productive (not destructive) way.   

I want to give Peterborough's pet parents a high energy alternative to dog walking.  One that excites them, puts a smile on their face, satisfies their need for speed, tires them out so pet parents can have a quiet uninterrupted work day, and feel good knowing they're giving their dog their best life!


Here's how our service works.

Book a Discovery Call, Then We'll Meet You & Your Dog

We'll find out if jogs are a good fit for your furry friend.
Book an in-person or Zoom meet & greet (adapted for COVID19)

Book Your Service

Book via our pet care app 24 x 7
Dog jogs can be booked on a regular schedule, ad-hoc to accommodate changing schedules, or when you have an important meeting that just can't be interrupted.

We Take Your Furry Friend on Their Dog Jog!

Depending on their level of activity previously, we'll start off with intervals of jogging mixed with breaks of walking, and work our way up to jogging for the full duration.
We always start with a warm up and end with cool down.

We'll Send A Journal to Let you Know How it Went

Pet parents love our e-journals for the peace of mind they bring.
Each journal shows our arrival & departure time, a GPS map of where your dog has been on their jog, pictures and an update.

Are you ready to let go of the guilt and take this off your to-do list?

For the next 72 hours we're taking 40% OFF an introductory 5-pack of dog jogs!

Plus you'll receive these juicy bonuses:

TOP 5 Nature Walks in PTBO E-Book
5 Steps to a Loose Leash Walk E-book
5 Tips to a Perfect Walk.png
A custom bandana with your dog's name
Image by wilson montoya

Hurry, the introductory offer and bonuses expire midnight

Thursday, March 25, 2021! 

We won't be offering these prices again.

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